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The success of your business relies upon your employees, so it is important that you have the right people, the right structure and the right processes in place.

We have experience working with businesses and organisations of all sizes to deliver day-to-day support as well as strategic organisational and litigation advice.​​ We are committed to providing end-to-end service so that you feel well-supported throughout your journey.


Employees have the right to challenge what they consider to be unlawful treatment via Employment Tribunal proceedings. If you are contacted by ACAS or find yourself defending a claim, we can provide advice about the prospects of success of the claim, and if required pragmatic advice about the option of settlement. We have experience at all stages of the Tribunal process from Early Conciliation and preliminary hearings through to witness statements and final hearings. We have good relationships with a number of Chambers nationwide and can help find the right Barrister for you.


If your business is moving in a different direction and you need to think about how best to structure for its new challenges, you may need advice on possible re-organisation. We have experience of designing fair and transparent re-organisation programmes which are tailored to business needs while minimising the risk of dispute.


When you feel the relationship with an employee is no longer sustainable and you want to reach an amicable exit with no fuss, we can prepare and assist in drawing the employment to an end via settlement agreement. We will walk you through the whole process smoothly, so all conversations and correspondence are handled in the right way.


It’s normal in the course of running a business that disputes arise or that employee conduct or performance sometimes needs to be challenged. We can assist you in conducting grievance and disciplinary investigations or pair you with someone external to conduct these processes for you. We will provide advice throughout on how to sensitively manage these issues in a way that minimises the risk of future litigation.


If you feel that your business needs professional support with its employment contracts or its policies and procedures we are here to provide tailored advice to make sure you are not only complying with legal and regulatory requirements, but that you are also achieving best practice. We have experience of providing staff training to ensure policies and procedures are embedded into the culture of the business and are not just for show.


We offer specialist advice and experience at a competitive hourly rate of £300 + VAT per hour. Some services we can offer on a fixed-fee basis, or it may be cost-effective to engage us on a retainer basis for general, on-going employment law support for your business. A retainer can be put in place for a fixed period or an open-ended period with clear cancellation terms.

We will be transparent about our fees and will provide a clear estimate of likely costs at the outset of a matter. Should for any reason our fees exceed this estimate, we will inform you and seek consent in advance of incurring further cost.

We are unable to offer free consultations, but we can review an amount of paperwork and provide initial advice

(up to 90 mins of time) on a discounted fixed-fee basis.

Where a matter is concluded pursuant to a settlement agreement it is customary that an employer will pay at least a contribution towards the employee’s legal fees. In Employment Tribunal Claims each party is expected to bear its own legal costs, except in very exceptional circumstances.

If you wish to arrange an initial discussion about how we may be able to assist your business, please go to [CONTACT] page.

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