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Employment relationships can be complex and when disputes arise you need quick,

confidential advice about the options available.

We will take the time to listen, take instruction from you and then provide clear, comprehensive

guidance about next steps. Together we will manage the situation in such a way that

alleviates stress and achieves the best outcome for you.


If you feel that your employment relationship has broken down and you are eager to move on, we can support you in achieving an exit that is swift, discreet and which protects your reputation going forward. We understand that the legal nuances and the practicalities of these situations are often stressful and we can help you to manage the exit smoothly.


When an employer proposes a settlement agreement to you, you will need to take professional advice on the terms and effect of that agreement for it to be binding. Your employer should pay for this legal advice. Get in touch to discuss the terms of the proposed agreement, understand your rights and ensure you are not disadvantaged by what is being proposed.


If you feel you have been discriminated against because of sex, age, race, religious belief, disability, sexual orientation, or another protected characteristic, we can provide straightforward advice on how best to challenge this unlawful treatment. We believe no one should suffer in silence and standing up to discrimination at work is the only way to eradicate it for good.


When you are ready to issue proceedings in the Employment Tribunal or have already done so and need assistance with your claim, we can guide you through the process. We can represent you from ACAS notification stage, right through to instructing Counsel and attending the final hearing. We may be able to take on claims covered by Legal Expenses Insurance so find out if your policy covers representation in employment disputes.


Many employers include post-employment restrictions in their contracts of employment to try to stop you competing with the business when you leave. If you are thinking about leaving your employment or have left and need advice on the effect of these restrictions, we can explain the implications, advise on any pre-action steps and correspond with your former employer as necessary.


If you have raised a concern about wrongdoing at work and suffered because of it, you may need specialist advice on your rights and protections. At CSJ Legal we will support you to escalate the concern to stop wrongdoing as well as to seek redress for detriment suffered. We are experts in this complex area of law and believe that speaking out safely is a necessary safeguard in society.


We understand the cost of legal representation can be an additional source of stress in an already challenging situation.  We will be transparent about our fees and will provide a clear estimate of likely costs at the outset of a matter. Should for any reason our fees exceed this estimate, we will inform you and seek consent in advance of incurring further cost.

We offer specialist advice and experience at a competitive hourly rate of £275 + VAT. Our rate for employee clients is discounted from the business client rate.

We are unable to offer free consultations, but we can review an amount of paperwork and provide initial advice

(up to 90 mins of time) on a discounted fixed-fee basis.

If you are involved in a discrimination or whistleblowing situation and you have concerns about privately funding your claim, please see further information about funding options on our [Day One Rights] page.

Where a matter is concluded pursuant to a settlement agreement it is customary that an employer will pay at least a contribution towards the employee’s legal fees. In Employment Tribunal Claims each party is expected to bear its own legal costs, except in very exceptional circumstances.

If you wish to arrange an initial discussion about how we may be able to assist, please go to our Contact page.

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