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At CSJ Legal we specialise in discrimination and whistleblowing law because we believe passionately in the right to employment free from prejudice and with the freedom to speak up about wrongdoing at work.

These are ‘Day One Rights’ which means unlike some other rights, employees require no minimum service period in order to benefit from them.

The law has long sought to protect employees from discrimination and victimisation because it recognises the inalienable right to equality of opportunity. Despite this, many of our clients still report examples of direct or indirect discriminatory behaviours in the workplace. Being subject to these types of unlawful treatment can have a profound and traumatising effect. Challenging these unlawful acts via established legal mechanisms is a powerful and courageous thing to do. At CSJ Legal, we stand with you against discrimination.

Protection for speaking out against wrongdoing that threatens the public interest has been formally enacted in law in England and Wales since 1998. These ‘whistleblower protections’ work to champion freedom of expression while also providing a necessary form of governance in private and public life thereby safeguarding society.  Regardless, victimisation of those who speak out to reveal criminal, unlawful or unsafe behaviour continues, rendering the experience of becoming a whistleblower frightening and deeply isolating. Standing up to Employers that retaliate against whistleblowers can ensure fair outcomes for those who have suffered detriment and can help shape a different landscape for the future. At CSJ Legal, we stand with you against whistleblowing detriment.

These can be the most challenging and complex cases to litigate and to win, which means they can also be the most expensive. At CSJ Legal we are committed to providing high-quality advice and representation to anyone who has been seriously discriminated against or suffered whistleblowing detriment including suspension, disciplinary action and dismissal. Where possible, and subject to certain criteria, we will offer a No Win No Fee arrangement for clients who are unable to fund representation privately. We can also take on a limited number of matters where clients have Legal Expenses Insurance to cover legal costs.  

If you have suffered discrimination or whistleblowing detriment and have concerns about the cost of legal representation, please contact us to discuss the possible ways in which we may be able to support you.

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